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Engaging Art and Craft Classes for Kids in Winnipeg

Welcome to the colourful world of art and craft at Happy Math Learning Center in Winnipeg. Get ready to unleash your child's creativity and witness their imagination soar to new heights. Our art and craft classes for 5 to 7-year-olds offer a wide range of activities, from creative art and painting to exciting handcrafts. Join us and watch as they explore different techniques, create their own masterpieces, and embark on an artistic journey filled with joy and endless possibilities. Enroll them today and let their creativity shine!

Enroll Our Creative Classes

Let your child’s artistic spirits soar as they learn through our diverse art and craft classes:

  • Creative Art: Watch their imaginations come to life as they explore various art techniques and unleash their creativity. From finger painting to collage making, the possibilities are endless, and they'll create unique masterpieces to be proud of.

  • Painting: Grab a paintbrush and prepare for a magical experience! Our skilled instructors will guide them in discovering the art of mixing colours, applying brush strokes, and creating beautiful artwork that will make their hearts sing.

  • Hand Crafts: Get ready for some hands-on fun! We'll show them how to transform everyday materials like paper and clay into amazing creations. They'll tap into their inner craft wizards and develop fine motor skills while enjoying the process.

A picture of three girls painting on a paper
A picture showcasing a drawing of a cat

What Your Kids Will Learn?

In our art and craft classes, your child will create stunning pieces and develop a strong foundation in various artistic skills. Here's a sneak peek of what they'll be learning:


  • Primary, secondary, and complimentary colours

  • Colour mixing

  • Watercolour wet and dry techniques

  • Freehand drawing and tracing

  • Simple geometric shapes

  • Care of art materials

  • Organic vs geometric shapes

  • Abstract representation

  • Representing space (depth)

  • Strategic use of colour

  • Cutting skills and techniques

  • Pre-planning/layout

  • Importance of abstraction in art history

  • Representing feelings and emotions

  • Artistic decision making (creativity)

  • Reflection on the artistic process

Creative Art/Craft Classes

Let your child's imagination run wild. Join our classes and watch them create beautiful masterpieces with their own hands.

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