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Chess Programs for the Young Minds in Winnipeg

Our chess programs at Happy Math Learning Center in Winnipeg offer a fun and exciting way for children to learn and enjoy the game of chess. Whether they are beginners or aspiring club players, our program caters to all skill levels and age groups. We incorporate various engaging activities, including class lessons, group work, individual problem-solving, and tournament strategies, to enhance chess abilities. Contact us to learn more about the program and how we nurture each child with chess skills.

What Do Our Chess Programs Offer?

Explore our chess programs designed to enhance your skills at three levels, from the fundamentals to advanced strategies.

Beginner Program

This program is designed to introduce young students to chess and provide them with the foundational knowledge to progress. Students will learn the basics, such as how the pieces move, simple checkmating patterns, opening rules, and game recording. They will also have opportunities to play and practice their skills.


Intermediate Program

It focuses on building on the basic concepts and developing a combinative vision. Students delve deeper into tactical patterns and solve multi-step checkmate puzzles to improve their calculation skills. In-class puzzle worksheets and additional practice materials are provided to reinforce learning.

Advanced Program

Our advanced program is tailored for students aiming to participate in competitive tournaments. It covers advanced topics like modern opening theory, theoretical endgames, analysis of complex puzzles, and reviewing tournament games. To further support their progress, students have access to supplementary videos, various worksheets, and personalized analyses of their games to target specific weaknesses.

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Upcoming Chess Events - Stay Updated

We are excited to share information about upcoming chess events. The Manitoba Scholastic Chess Association (MSCA) is the provincial branch of the Chess'n Math Association, which organizes scholastic chess across Canada. MSCA has been operating in Manitoba for 35 years and offers opportunities for students to participate in chess tournaments. Additionally, Happy Math Learning Center will be hosting online and in-person chess tournaments. Stay tuned for the 2023 tournament schedule for more details.

Develop Strategic Thinking Skills with our Chess Program

Give your child a mental workout with our chess program. Watch them learn critical thinking, logic, and strategic decision-making.

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