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Elevate Your Child's English Proficiency: Join Our Exciting Workshops in Winnipeg!

English is a super important skill that can open up many amazing opportunities for your child. That's why at Happy Math Learning Center in Winnipeg, we have special English workshops just for them. Our workshop is designed to help them improve at speaking and writing in English while having lots of fun. We have different programs for different grades, so your child can learn at their level. If you want to know more about our workshops and how we can help your child excel in English, contact us today.

Explore Our Engaging Workshops for English Language Development

Enhance your child's language abilities through our fun and interactive workshops.

Kindergarten to Grade 2 - Reading and Phonics Play

Let your child embark on a reading and phonics adventure! With fun-filled activities, we'll build a solid foundation in reading and phonics, enhancing comprehension and phonetic awareness.

A picture showing two girls reading from a book
A picture of a girl sitting and learning in the class

Grade 3 to 5 - Spelling Bee and Writing

Watch your child's spelling and writing talents flourish! In this workshop, they'll sharpen spelling skills, expand vocabulary, and master the art of crafting well-structured compositions.

Grade 6+ - Advanced Writing and Creative Writing

Our advanced writing course caters to helping your kids develop a comprehensive approach to English proficiency. We offer specialized courses in advanced writing and creative writing, allowing them to express themselves confidently, and preparing them for further academic success in the future. 

A picture of a group of students sitting together

Speech and Debate Classes

We offer courses in speech and debates, starting at a grade 3 level. Our public speaking and debate program hones essential skills such as speech writing, public speaking, research, teamwork, and critical thinking. Your child will learn to use rhetoric and evidence effectively, preparing them for future academic and professional success. These are fun introductions to public speaking and debates and provide an opportunity to receive helpful tips that will last a lifetime.

Enhance Your Child's English Langauge

Improve your child's reading, writing, and communication skills. Enroll them in our English workshop for a strong foundation.

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