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A picture of five kids lying outside their tent

Interested in one of our camps?

Discover a World of Fun and Learning at Our Kids Summer Camp

Spring Break Camp

Enjoy this Spring Break with old friends and make new ones! 
Experience the different joys of spring every day! 

Explore the unknown and seek knowledge in nature!


Monday: Baking day, where kids will make sweet treats with a spring theme. Each child will also receive a realistic dessert refrigerator magnet - be careful not to accidentally take a bite!

A picture of baked sweets fridge magnet

Tuesday: Environmental Education, where we teach children about the importance of reducing waste and proper waste disposal. We will also have an outdoor garbage collection activity where children will wear disposable gloves. Parents can rest assured that safety will be a top priority. There may even be government officials present to encourage environmental protection and instill a sense of social responsibility in our children.

Wednesday: A trip to Fortwhyte Alive, where kids will take a deep breath of fresh air and experience the beauty of spring in nature.

Fort Whyte.jpg
Manitoba Museum.jpg

Thursday: A trip to the Manitoba Museum, where kids will watch a spring break special at the Planetarium to learn about the importance of protecting the ocean environment. In the afternoon, we will explore the Science Gallery.

Friday: Arts day, where children will use the inspiration they've gathered throughout the week to create their own spring-themed artwork. We will give our kids a perfect ending to their Spring Break experience while also immersing them in an educational and artistic experience.

Bakery Day.jpg

Our goal is to educate and entertain, to learn through play and play through learning. We hope that our dedicated parents will see and appreciate our efforts, and that our children will feel the positive impact of these activities, creating wonderful memories for their Spring Break.


Kids Summer Camp

Introducing our Kids Summer Camp, a fantastic opportunity for children aged 5-14 years to have an unforgettable summer experience. Running from July 3rd to August 25th, our camp offers a diverse range of engaging activities that will captivate young minds and foster their personal growth. Our experienced and enthusiastic instructors at Happy Math Learning Center in Winnipeg will guide your child through each activity, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for all participants. The camp fee is $299 per week, so secure your child's spot now for an incredible summer adventure. Contact us for more information.


Winter Camp

Rock Climbing .jpg

Join us for camp over winter break! Campers get to experience Rock climbing, coding, Math, crafts, outdoor activities, & more! We’re all about having fun, keeping fit, & making new friends!

- Challenge yourself at the Climbing Club
- Learn the fundamentals of coding
- Learn Math and Logic development
- Build imagination and the hand of the maker

Early drop off between 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM and late pick-up between 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM is available at no extra charge for parents requiring the service. 

Kids Camp Registration: Reserve Your Spot Today!

Please fill out the following form to register for our camp:

Enriching Activities at Our Kids Camp

Make your child's holidays memorable. Join our kid's camp and let them enjoy a fun-filled and educational experience.

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