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Engaging Educational Programs and Tutoring Services in Winnipeg

Looking for expert help to boost your child's academic success? At Happy Math Learning Center in Winnipeg, we offer various educational programs and private tutoring services tailored to meet your child's needs. Our range of programs includes math, chess, and French, along with English workshops and interesting art/craft classes. We believe in offering a diverse learning experience to enrich your child's education. Additionally, we provide exciting camps during summer, spring, and winter breaks, ensuring that your child's educational journey continues even during school holidays.

Start by booking your free child assessment now. Take the first step toward unlocking your child's academic potential.

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What Sets Us Apart from the Others?

Discover the Happy Math Learning Center difference where learning is fun, teachers are amazing, and your success is our top priority.

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Flexible learning options

Flexible learning options

Whether you prefer the convenience of online sessions or the interactive experience of in-person tutoring, we offer flexible learning options to accommodate your preferences and schedule.

Engaging and interactive sessions

Engaging and interactive sessions

Learning should be enjoyable! Our tutors employ interactive teaching methods and engaging resources to make the learning experience both fun and effective.

Comprehensive programs

Comprehensive programs

Besides our private tutoring services, we offer a range of comprehensive programs, including math, chess, French, English workshops, and art/craft classes. We also provide camps during summer, spring, and winter breaks, ensuring continuous educational development.

Free child assessment

Free child assessment

To better understand your specific needs, we offer a free child assessment. This assessment helps us tailor our tutoring program to your individual strengths and areas for improvement.

Book a Free Child Assessment

Uncover your child's strengths and areas for growth with our complimentary child assessment.

Empowering Your Child with Lifelong Benefits

We nurture your child with lifelong benefits that open doors to endless opportunities and possibilities.

Confidence and motivation

Through our supportive and encouraging learning environment, we aim to instill confidence and motivation in your child. As they overcome obstacles and achieve academic milestones, their self-esteem and enthusiasm for learning will grow.

Skills beyond academics

Our programs go beyond academic subjects. Through activities such as chess, art/craft classes, and language learning, we help your child develop critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and communication skills that are valuable for their overall growth and future success.

Love for learning

We believe in nurturing a love for learning in every student. By making our tutoring sessions engaging, interactive, and enjoyable, we aim to spark curiosity and foster a lifelong passion for education.

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Meet Our Teachers

At Happy Math Learning Center, we take pride in our team of dedicated teachers. Highly qualified and experienced, they are passionate about education and committed to nurturing your child's academic growth. Our teachers bring a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and enthusiasm to the learning process, creating a supportive and engaging environment for your child's educational journey. Get to know our exceptional teachers who are ready to inspire, guide, and empower your child to reach their full potential.


Wow! 10/10

wow! this place made my sons learning so great! it has so many subjects to learn in a safe, calm environment. 10/10 would recommend.

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Boost Your Math Skills

Enhance your math abilities and excel academically with our math program. Join us to unlock your full potential.

Online and In-Person Tutoring Services

Choose between online sessions from the comfort of your home or in-person tutoring at our location. We offer 1 or 2 sessions per week available.

Master the Game of Chess

Develop strategic thinking and problem-solving skills through our chess program.

Learn French Language and Culture

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the French language and culture with our French program.

Refine Your English Skills

Enhance your English language proficiency and become a confident communicator with our English workshop.

Explore the World of Art and Craft

Unleash your creativity and explore various art and craft techniques with our engaging classes.

Fun-Filled Learning During Breaks

Make the most of your school breaks with our engaging and enriching camps.

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